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Sureloan2u is a money lender company approved by the Ministry of Housing & Local Government under the Lenders Act 1951. We provide financial advisory services such as personal loans, business loans and collateral loans. If you are tired of waiting for loan approval from the bank for not having enough documents, high commitment, or you are already in the black list of the bank .. We are here to help you. We will buy interest rates as low as 1% to help with your financial needs. Terms are required.

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We guarantee your information is always confidential We place a high priority towards ensuring the personal information you provide to us is always confidential and confidential. We will not ask you for personal documents / information such as IC / residence / workplace and others before you decide to accept our loan package.

Loan Repayment

Jumlah Pinjaman (RM)6 bulan12 bulan24 bulan36 bulan48 bulan60 bulan

Interest Rate

Fixed rate from 8% – 12% APR and payment options range from 6 months to 60 months.

Minimum Repayment

6 months; Maximum repayment: 60 months.

Representative Example

Amount of credit RM 5000 borrowed for 180 days. Interest : RM 448. Total amount payable : RM 5448.

Document Requirement

Business Loan

Suitable For Hawkers, Wholesalers, Checks, Ordinary Business.

Required documents:
Photocopy of identity card
Copy of form 24/49
Copy of latest 3 months bank statements
Copy of business registration form
A copy of the latest utility bill

Personal Loan

Suitable For Private Workers, Factory Workers, Government Workers, Socso, Perpencent Groups.

Required documents:

Photocopy of identity card
Copy of latest 3 months salary slip
Copy of latest 3 months bank statements
A copy of the latest utility bill
Latest copy of EPF statement

Why Choose Sureloan2U

A) Simple Criteria

We only need the minimum documentation such as salary slip and so on to approve your loan!

B) Easy Application

Now you can apply for our loans via PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone easily & conveniently.

C) Approve Immediately

Get your loan within 2 hours with 99% approval rate as soon as you receive all the documents!

D) Comply the Law

Every business is dealt with professionally and lawfully!

E) Friendly Services

Employees at Sureloan2U have been trained to ensure the satisfaction that customers will enjoy.

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